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I was trying to interface a 64 mb MicroSD card with MicroChip MCU. I sent cmd0-addr3-addr2-addr1-addr0-crc but didn't got any response.

What should I do next?

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From the way you've phrased the question, it sounds like you don't have a very good understanding of how to communicate with external peripherals in general, on an embedded device. You should reference Microchip AN1169 which goes into detail on implementing SD card communication with an SD card. If that's not enough help, Microchip's application engineers are usually very helpful - don't rule out calling one.

On the other hand, if the application note is still over your head, you should strongly consider starting off with a less ambitious project - something like driving a motor or other simple IO that is not address-bound. The addressing issues can become very difficult when you already aren't familiar with embedded programming.

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I stumbled on this thread because I was facing a similar problem. I know this thread is old but I want to post my experience here just for the record.

I have been doing FS and device programming for more than 8 yrs now so I am not a newbie :)

I was trying out PIC32MX and its inbuilt libraries for the first time and ran into the same problem as mentioned in the question. I double checked my connections after which I started doubting the library. I downloaded the latest versions for fixes but same behavior.

After lot of debugging for both hardware and software I found out that the microsd sockets contact for power was not sticking to the card contact at all! No power No response!

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