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Is there a way to load partials based on an array of filename values?

Currently if I write this {{> sidebar}} it will look for views/sidebar.mustache. (based on the template loader class where I can specify where to look for the templates)

Ideally I want that {{> sidebar}} would be a variable name and not a file name.

What I want to achieve is to look for the sidebar partial not based on the filename, if I pass to the loader:

$partials = array(
    'sidebar' => 'folder1/somefile'

which would translate to: views/folder1/somefile.mustache.

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You can easily do this by adding a new partials loader implementation. You could make an "alias loader", which stores those template references:

class FilesystemAliasLoader extends Mustache_Loader_FilesystemLoader implements Mustache_Loader_MutableLoader
    private $aliases = array();

    public function __construct($baseDir, array $aliases = array())

    public function load($name)
        if (!isset($this->aliases[$name])) {
            throw new Mustache_Exception_UnknownTemplateException($name);

        return parent::load($this->aliases[$name]);

    public function setTemplates(array $templates)
        $this->aliases = $templates;

    public function setTemplate($name, $template)
        $this->aliases[$name] = $template;

Then, you would set that as the partials loader:

$partials = array(
    'sidebar' => 'folder1/somefile'

$mustache = new Mustache_Engine(array(
    'loader'          => new Mustache_Loader_FilesystemLoader('path/to/templates'),
    'partials_loader' => new FilesystemAliasLoader('path/to/partials'),
    'partials'        => $partials,

... or you could pass the aliases to the loader constructor, or you could even set them later on the loader or engine instance:

$loader = new FilesystemAliasLoader('path/to/partials', $partials);
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I was AFK for the past couple of days. Thanks for your answer, this is what I'm looking for! – feketegy Feb 20 '13 at 13:38

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