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I'm looking for a good solution for integrating voice capabilities into a web based CRM application. One of the main purpose of this integration is to give to the CRM operators a single environment where they can work, only web and not a mix web+desktop.

The solution is to integrate a component in the web page that can register to the company SIP server with the user/operator account in stand-by for inbound calls and make outbound calls.

I suppose that the technology should be flash in order to be sure to be compatible with all the mayor browsers and both on windows and linux operative system (Client Side)

Regarding server-side, the CRM is developed on ASP.NET C#. The VoIP SIP server is already in place and it's currently working with normal hardware and software phones.

I've found a really good component, http://phono.com/ but it's not able to register to a custom SIP server. Some other products can be conaito or Ozeki, but I was looking for something simpler and easier to implement. Does anyone already faced this issue? Which technlogy have you choosen? Which diffult have you found in implementation?

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question closed for not fitting Q&A format...?! Have you read it???! BTW I've found the solution and it works great! The ANSWER to this QUESTION is Java Applet –  Giox Feb 16 '13 at 11:33
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