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I have a great echosystem with .FLV files, and need to play it, but my player does not works.

<script src="mediaelement/build/mediaelement-and-player.min.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="mediaelement/build/mediaelementplayer.min.css" />

<video width="640" height="480" id="player2" poster="myposters/flv-video-poster.jpg" controls="controls" preload="none">

    <object width="640" height="480" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="mediaelement/build/flashmediaelement.swf">
        <param name="movie" value="mediaelement/build/flashmediaelement.swf" /> 
        <param name="flashvars" value="controls=true&poster=myposters/flv-video-poster.jpg&file=medias/my-video-flv.flv" />
        <!-- Image fall back for non-HTML5 browser with JavaScript turned off and no Flash player installed -->
        <img src="myposters/flv-video-poster.jpg" width="640" height="480" alt="Here we are" title="No video playback capabilities" />


I'm tested it in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 10, 9 and does not works... on IE 7 and 8 it crashes... and browser is restarted...

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Define "does not work" –  Bart Friederichs Feb 14 '13 at 16:26
Simply... nothing happens... no flash player is rendered. –  Wemerson Guimaraes Feb 14 '13 at 16:28
F12 on chrome check the console for the actual errors plz. We are not fortune tellers. –  mpm Feb 14 '13 at 16:31
No errors appears in the console –  Wemerson Guimaraes Feb 14 '13 at 16:37

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Now is working:

I've follow this thread and it's working now: Mediaelement.js malfunction in IE, no flashback works, except in IE8 (browser crashes).

In IE9 and IE10 - Works HTML5 In IE 7 - Works Fallback SWF In IE 8 - Browser Crashes

For me is good because is an private app and will use only google chrome or safari. If any customer needs to use IE will be used 9 or later.

Thank you all

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