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My question is similar to Accessing indexer from expression tree, but I need more help to relate it to my own problem. Since stackoverflow policy prohibits me from asking for help in an answer I have created this new question.

I have

var x = query.AsQueryable().Where(user => user.ContainsKey("achternaam") && user["achternaam"].Contains("Jansen"))

as the static example of what I want to build an expression tree for dynamically. Using the code below. userInfo is of type Dictionary

foreach(KeyValuePair<string, string> userInfoFilter in userInfo) 
            // user =>
            ParameterExpression userExpression = Expression.Parameter(typeof(UserInfo), "user");

            // user.ContainsKey("achternaam")
            MethodCallExpression valueContains = Expression.Call(
                Expression.Constant(userInfoFilter.Key, typeof(string)));

            // user.item["achternaam"].Contains("Jansen")
            //PropertyInfo indexerProperty = typeof(UserInfo).GetProperty("Item", new[] { typeof(string) });
            PropertyInfo indexerProperty = userExpression.Type.GetProperty("Item");
            MethodCallExpression keyContains = Expression.Call(
                Expression.MakeIndex(userExpression, indexerProperty, new Expression[] { Expression.Constant(userInfoFilter.Key, typeof(string)) }),
                Expression.Constant(userInfoFilter.Value, typeof(string)));

            // user.ContainsKey("achternaam") && user["achternaam"].Contains("Jansen")
            BinaryExpression be = Expression.AndAlso(valueContains, keyContains);

            //query = query.AsQueryable().CreateQuery<UserInfo>(userExpression);
            query = query.Where(Expression.Lambda<Func<UserInfo, bool>>(be, userExpression));

        return query.ToList<UserInfo>();

The static version get's me my results, but when I try the dynamic version I get no results. No error either. The dynamic expression looks similar to the static one except the indexer for the value comparison uses the item property. I'm new to building expression tree so this might be all wrong.

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When working with expression trees, it helps to set breakpoints and to explore the expression tree in the debugger. – Olivier Jacot-Descombes Feb 14 '13 at 16:35
Both versions work fine for me for in-memory queryable, even though the expressions are not the same (the one created from lambda contains invocation of the get_Item() method, instead of going through the indexer property). What LINQ provider are you using? Is it possible that it returns an empty sequence when it encounters something it doesn't expect? – svick Feb 14 '13 at 17:13
Try invoking the item getter directly: Expression.Call(parameter, parameter.Type.GetProperty("Item").GetGetMethod(), Expression.Constant(userInfoFilter.Key, typeof(string)));. It would seem your provider doesn't recognize the indexing properly. – Jeff Mercado Feb 14 '13 at 17:24

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