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Can you advise me an a resource with simple C# LINQ/lambda-expressions code exercises?

Desirable but not obligatory: online, free, with answers, step by step, the simplest and fast, to study the syntax but not complicated puzzles or world problems.

I do not think it is duplicated with

since it was 2+ years ago, so propably outdated, and it did not contain any good reference (looked through all of them).

The best google search result I managed to find is:

though I am not satisfied.

Something similar to LINQ Quiz which is for me the best reference I could find to this moment.

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Best two answers already posted, so I'm going to close this. Requests for external resources are off-topic here. I closed the post you linked. – Robert Harvey Feb 14 '13 at 16:35
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A very good ressource for LINQ is Jon Skeet's blog "Reimplementing LINQ to Objects". He reimplements the whole LINQ functionality step by step giving excellent insights about the inner workings.

Reimplementing LINQ to Objects

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This is not a tutorial of such but I've found it very usefull for the linq side of things...


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Saw it and fount them extremely heavy and difficult to follow for very simple things. I would call it as the example of how the samples should not be done. Besides, I asked for exercises not for ready samples – Fulproof Feb 14 '13 at 16:49

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