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So on my previous laptop I've installed the android-sdk-linux and Eclipse separately without the adt-bundle, without any issues whatsoever. Also, I installed it under my home directory.

Now that I have a new laptop (clean slate) to start with, I wanted to try and install the adt-bundle into the correct/conventional directory (which I understand is /usr/local/).

But after extracting the bundle into /usr/local/ I get weird issues like adb not being an executable, etc. Opening Eclipse yields a lot of errors regarding the SDK, ADT, and adb.

What is the correct method of doing this? A step-by-step or otherwise comprehensive set of methods would be greatly appreciated.

Also, is there any reason why I should consider installing android-sdk-linux and Eclipse separately instead of using the adt-bundle?

Thanks in advance :). This will help me learn more about Linux filesystems and administrations a little bit too!

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It seems that the problem is in Linux filesystem permissions of your folder. In case of home directory the owner of the files is your user, in case of /usr/local/ the owner is root. You should try to change the owner of the folder:

chown -R <owner_name>:<owner_group> <your_dir>

As for reasons to install sdk and Eclipse separately, I don't think that you'll find critical one. Using bundle it's easier to install everything to work with Android (I think that Eclipse in this case is already configured, however I do not know precisely because I've never used this approach).

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Thanks for your info. As you can see it is an issue with my understanding of Linux filesystems :). About the second point, I might just install android-sdk and Eclipse separately without the adt-bundle. Do you know how people usually download and install Eclipse? Is it better to do it through Synaptic or download directly from the Eclipse website? Thanks in advance! –  oaskamay Feb 14 '13 at 17:06
I use Ubuntu 10.04 so I download Eclipse because in the repository there is a very old version. In your case, if repository contains new version of Eclipse, of course it's better to install it using standard way (through synaptic or using apt-get install). If you want to download Eclipse manually you can try to find in the Internet the instructions how to this. –  Yury Feb 14 '13 at 17:13
Okay thanks. No I can install Eclipse either way just fine. Just looking to see which one's the best/conventional way. Again, thanks. –  oaskamay Feb 14 '13 at 17:24

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