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How can I change ASP.NETAJAX ModalPopupExtender z-index. By default it is 100001. Thanks.

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I use this function:

  function ShowModalPopup(modalPopupId, zIndex) {

    try {
      if (modalPopupId == null) throw new Error(0, 'Incorrect value of param modalPopupId!');

      var modalPopupBehavior = $find(modalPopupId);
      if (modalPopupBehavior == null) throw new Error(0, 'Not found modal popup ' + modalPopupId + '!');

      zIndex = typeof (zIndex) != 'undefined' ? zIndex : null;

      if (zIndex != null) {
        modalPopupBehavior._backgroundElement.style.zIndex = zIndex;
        modalPopupBehavior._foregroundElement.style.zIndex = zIndex + 1;

    catch (ex) {
      alert('Exception in ShowModalPopup: ' + ex.message);

and its call:

  ShowModalPopup('<%= modalpopup.ClientID %>', 20001);
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I assign a CSS class to the panel my modalpopupextender is assigned to (PopupControlID), and put somthing like:

   z-index:70000 !important;
   /*other css*/ 
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You can hook up a handler to the shown event on the modalpopup that allows you to set the zIndex:

function pageLoad()
    var popup = $find('ModalPopupClientID');

function SetzIndex(sender,args)
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