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I have a batch file (ftp.bat) that looks like:

@echo off
echo user etm124> ftpcmd.dat
echo testing123>> ftpcmd.dat
echo put %1>> ftpcmd.dat
echo quit>> ftpcmd.dat
ftp -n -s:ftpcmd.dat
del ftpcmd.dat

This file is located in C:\. Also located in that directory is a file called remote.txt. When running this in the C:\ directory, it just hangs:

C:\>ftp.bat c:\remote.txt

If I look in the C:\, I can see that the ftpcmd.dat file has been created, but my script just hangs.

When I run this locally on my machine, I can send files just fine. But if I try to run this on one of my Windows Server 2003 machines, it hangs.

Anything I'm missing?

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It seems that the script will trigger an infinite loop, which causes the script to never stop. Try omitting the @echo off from your script to see this happening. Either try renaming your batch file, add an extension to the ftp command (ftp.exe) or even provide a full path to the executable to make it work.

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