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My WPF application has a form for performing searches of the database. It has a Button that starts the search whose IsDefault property is set to true. Normally, this allows the Button's Click event to fire when you press the enter key on the form.

The results of the search are shown in a Telerik RadGridViewcontrol. Originally, if you double clicked on a row in the results, the program would take you to another tab and show you the details of the row you'd clicked on. My boss asked me to modify the RadGridView so that when you press Enter, the control does the same thing.

I was able to achieve this by adding a custom command for displaying the details to my program and adding a CommandBindings section to the search control's XAML.I then added an InputBindings section to the RadGridView's XAML and everything works. Except that pressing enter no longer raises the default Button's Click event:

<UserControl x:Class="CarSystem.CustomControls.Searcher"

        <CommandBinding CanExecute="DisplayEditHotListEntry_CanExecute"  Command="cs:CarSystemCommands.DisplayEditHotListEntry"  Executed="DisplayEditHotListEntry_Executed" />
        <CommandBinding CanExecute="DisplayEditRecordDetails_CanExecute" Command="cs:CarSystemCommands.DisplayEditRecordDetails" Executed="DisplayEditRecordDetails_Executed" />

    <Grid Background="{DynamicResource ContentBackground}"

        . . .

        <telerik:RadGridView . . .>
            . . .
                <KeyBinding Key="Enter" Command="{x:Static cs:CarSystemCommands.DisplayEditHotListEntry}" />

        <Button IsDefault="true" . . . />


The top of the form has a number of controls where search criteria are specified. I'd like pressing the enter key while the focus is in one of these controls to fire off the default Button's Click event, and the new action when the focus is in the RadGridView. How do I get this to work?

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As always, some code samples would be helpful. If you are wiring up your InputBindings on the datagrid, then it should only get fired when the datagrid has focus. I have tested this and it works as expected. I was able to have both the button's default click event fire and a datagrid's input binding command fire depending on what was focused. – Brent Stewart Feb 14 '13 at 17:53
Added exceprt from the XAML in question. – Tony Vitabile Feb 14 '13 at 19:26

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