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I am porting my Direct Show camera based SDK to MFT. In my old code I have KSProxy interface like IksTopolgy,IKsControl and IKsProperty .

IksTopolgy,IKsControl is used to enumerate the property set and IKsProperty to get/set the property value. Now I was trying to same in new code.I am able to enumerate the property i.e following code is supported in MFT.

CComPtr<IKsTopologyInfo> ksTopology = NULL;
hRet = m_pMediaSource->QueryInterface(&ksTopology);    

But IKsProperty interface which is used to get/set the property value is not working returning E_NOINTERFACE.

 hRet = m_pMediaSource->QueryInterface(&pKsPropertySet); 

is failing.I dont understand why this is not supported in m_pMediaSource Please suggest how to get/set the properties value.

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I don't think media sources are not supposed to support IKs* interfaces, even though you found some are supported. –  Roman R. Oct 12 '13 at 9:22

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