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I am using a IWebBrowser2 control in my application and writing my own container (in C++ - No ATL/MFC allowed). The control works fine. However web sites will not show if I am going from secure to non secure. It trails back to the setting in advanced options of IE (WarnonZoneCrossing) : Warn if changing between secure and not secure. It works without this checked.

When doing this within the actual IE browser, it will show a messagebox to ask the user. I am fine also showing the user this box. My question would be what interface or event could I be missing that makes this message box not appear and the web page rendering stall?

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I'm not 100% certain, but have you tried implementing IDocHostUIHandler::ShowUI()?

Failing that, have a look at interfaces that the WebOC is asking for via QueryInterface() and IServiceProvider::QueryService() and see if any make sense in this case.

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Stupid mistake on my part. I had it in silent mode. Apparently in silent mode when you have that dialog pop up and it can not be answered, it will show a blank page (makes sense, but confuses me :)). Thanks for the response!

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