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I recently bought a foscam FI8910W, they said that it can record videos, and uses FTP. So I believed that the camera could store videos using the FTP feature, but that was a total deception. That camera only record images.

So please I need to know if there are some IP cameras that can: - store video on the LAN via ssh, ftp or whatever, automatically - connect to lan via wi fi - Be able to see live video - Not so much expensive (I don't care about other super special features)

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You may wish to consider an HDD DVR CCTV Security System instead of an ipcam. They feature up to 8 video cameras with ip integration, internet monitoring, video recording, video alarm via email, ftp, etc. And they are as expensive as purchasing the amount of ipcam that you wish to install. 4 ipcam = 1 DVR with 4 cameras.

But, if you find a solution, please let me know. I am also looking for such a solution.

Good luck!

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