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I have a fancybox that gets opened via:

    type: 'iframe',
    fitToView : false,
    autoSize : false,
    height : 550,
    width : 650,
    beforeClose: function () {
        d = new Date();
        var imgObj = $('.fancybox').siblings('img');
        var imgSrc = imgObj.attr("src");
        imgObj.attr("src", imgSrc+"?"+d.getTime());

As you can see in the beforeClose function I am trying to target a sibling image of the link that was clicked and reload the image by appending the time as a querystring.

The above code works, however it only works if there is 1 fancybox on the page. If there are more than 1 (which is what I'm wanting to do), then it reloads all the images on the page to the one next to the link that was clicked.

Is there a way I can target the link I clicked to open fancybox from within the beforeClose function?

I can't find anything on the fancybox documentation about how to do this.

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Instead of this :

var imgObj = $('.fancybox').siblings('img');

... try this :

var imgObj = $(this.element).siblings('img');


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Just what I was looking for, thanks! –  Nick Feb 14 '13 at 19:42
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