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I'm starting to build a new Magento site and its primarily focused on clothing brands. Launching with around 25 each one providing a range of products in categories. so some will have everything from shoes to jumpers, some may just be shoes or accessories.

Users need to be able to view a brand and see its categories for products, as well as via a different view view all of a type of product category so all shoes.

I really don't know how to set this kind of thing up. I know i could use categories for the brands then sub categories for the clothing categories, but then i don't know how linking sub categories items together would work (I've viewing all jumpers across all brands if they have separate parent categories).

Here'show the structure needs to work

        Item 1,
        Item 2
        Item 3
Brand 2{
        Item 4,
        Item 5,
        Item 6
        Item 7,
        Item 8,
        Item 9
        Item 10
        Item 11
Brand 3{
        Item 12,
        Item 13,
        Item 14

So users can view brand 1 page, see items 1-3. Or view brand 1>Shoes and see items 1-2. Or view Shoes and see items 1,2,4,5,6,12,13,14.

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The way I chose to work this out was to create a custom attribute as a brand drop down to assign a brand to every item. Then I chose to create a custom admin module with a database table to store the brand details giving the ability to store extra information for each brand, that feeds into the attribute dropdown.

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