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i have a question i am bit of a linux user sort of programmer but i couldn't understand is how to develop your own virtual appliance similar to bitnami and turnkey and if there is a way please tell me!!

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Take a look at TKLPatch, a simple tool for customizing and extending any of 100+ appliances in the TurnKey Linux library. The resulting patch can be used to generate an ISO that can be installed in a VM or on real hardware.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to post to the TurnKey forum.

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Updated info Hopefully my necro-posting adds some value...

The new TurnKey build tool is TKLDev. It uses a similar paradigm to TKLPatch, but instead of requiring you to start with an ISO; it builds completely from source.

So long as you can script the install (and there's almost always a way that you can) and it will work on Debian, then you can build yourself a software appliance in a load of different build types (inc. OVA, VMDK, hybrid ISO etc) using TurnKey Linux's TKLDev build engine. The major VM platform that it doesn't (yet) support is Hyper-V but the ISO installs.

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