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To avoid calling applyBindings multiple times on the same DOM element, I wrap my various viewmodels in an observable. then just change that observable to whatever view model i wanna see and BAM...that works.

until i do something like this:

<div data-bind="if:$data">
...some bindings in here

when i change view models, the bindings inside any "if:$data" blocks do not update.

here's a fiddle to really demonstrate this:

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This would have worked properly prior to KO 2.2. In 2.2, we made if and ifnot more efficient by only re-rendering the section when the value actually changes between truthy/falsy.

There were many cases where people would bind against something like if: items().length and the entire section would be re-rendered everytime that an item was added.

In your case, you can overcome this pretty easily by just using the with binding instead of if. Since, you are binding against $data, it will not actually change the context and will give you the result that you are after.

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wow, that was fast! thanks! – user2073082 Feb 14 '13 at 18:33

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