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This is probably a duplicate, but my Google-foo is off or something, because I cannot find the answer to this simple question.

I have moved an old site to MVC3 on IIS7.5 and I need to redirect some old .html extension urls to new MVC Controller Actions.

I added URL mappings.

    <!-- Doesn't work -->
    <add url="~/OldUrl.html" mappedUrl="~/NewController"/> 
    <!-- Works but is rewrite instead of redirect -->
    <add url="~/OldUrl.aspx" mappedUrl="~/NewController"/> 

The above is not working for 2 reasons. First, the .html extension doesn't get re-mapped and second, the .aspx extension gets re-mapped rather than rewritten.

I tried to add the StaticFileHandler because I thought maybe the .HTML extension was being ignored by .NET but in fact that handler was already there.

I don't have access to IIS Management Tools because it is in shared hosting, but I should be able to just add something to the web.config to get these to redirect.

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Finally figured it out:

  <!-- The RewriteModule may need to be added if it isn't 
       already included in machine.config or application.config
      <add name="RewriteModule" />
          <rule name="Redirect1">
              <match url="^OldUrl.html$" />
              <action type="Redirect" 
                      redirectType="Permanent" />
          <rule name="Redirect2">
              <match url="^OldUrl.aspx$" />
              <action type="Redirect" 
                      redirectType="Permanent" />
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