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I am trying to capture UI Automation events from PowerPoint 2007 (or ideally any version) when the user selects a new Ribbon tab. Using the SDK tools Inspect and AccEvent I have determined that a reasonable "parent" element to catch these events is the "Ribbon Tabs" element.

When I Scope AccEvent to that element, and register for SelectionItem_ElementSelected within the automation events, I get the events as I would expect - when a tab is clicked, AccEvent catches and logs it.

I am only allowed to post two links and can't inline images yet so I have made some mosaics to try and squeeze as much relevant info into each link as possible, here is the link relating to the above mentioned behavior:


Based upon that, I came up with the following code to catch these events from my program:

// Prior code gets foreground window, determines if it's PPT, and gets a handle to it
currentApp = AutomationElement.FromHandle(foregroundWindow);

// Create condition to find the "Ribbon Tabs" element
Condition propCondition = new PropertyCondition(
  AutomationElement.NameProperty, "Ribbon Tabs",

// Subscribe to events on the "Ribbon Tabs" Element
SubscribeToEvents(currentApp.FindFirst(TreeScope.Descendants, propCondition));

public void SubscribeToEvents(AutomationElement element)
  if (element != null)
    Console.WriteLine("Subscribing to PowerPoint UIA Events on object {0} ({1})",
    UIAeventHandler = new AutomationEventHandler(OnUIAutomationEvent);

    // Subscribe to SelectionItemPattern.ElementSelectedEvent based off AccEvent

    Console.WriteLine("Subscribed to PowerPoint UIA Events");

private void OnUIAutomationEvent(object src, AutomationEventArgs e)
  // Make sure the element still exists
  AutomationElement sourceElement;
    sourceElement = src as AutomationElement;
  catch (ElementNotAvailableException)
  Console.WriteLine("UIA Event ( {0} ) for item: {1}",

This code results in, well, nothing.

If I subscribe to the top level "Window", still nothing.

If I instead just subscribe to the top level automation element, I DO get the expected events - but with a catch. In AccEvent, the events only appear when the tabs are clicked, truly "selected". When I bind to the Root AutomationElement, I get the events on mouseover/hover and nothing on click. I need the events to come only when the tab is actually selected (which is exactly the behavior AccEvent presents when Scoped to the "Ribbon Tabs" Element).

Results link: http://hirstius.com/media/stackoverflow/UIA_Result.png

I need a way to notify my .NET application when the user selects a new tab on the ribbon, am I missing something obvious?

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Hi @rex-remus did you find the answer to this??? I have a similar requirement: detect-events-on-powerpoint-shapes-from-c-sharp –  Rafael May 6 '13 at 14:42
I did not. And I'd like to get similar events on shapes that you are looking for. I'm not sure that C# operating externally can get this information via MSUIA - at least not without invoking a lot of unmanaged code to potentially intercept much lower level window interactions (which is NOT MSUIA anyway). Very interested if you have any success. –  Rex Remus May 6 '13 at 18:42
I'm looking into the same thing right now. Would you mind posting the code that actually does work so we can compare? Also, there is no AutomationId on any of the tabs - what are you getting that for? –  Todd Main May 31 at 0:27
The code above is pretty much it. Sadly this was an old project for a previous company and I don't have access to the code any longer. The project ultimately died off for various other reasons, and I was never able to get the automation events I wanted before that happened. I wish you luck though and it would be great for the community if you could update this post with any possible solutions you may come across. –  Rex Remus Jun 2 at 18:42

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