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I want to combine OpenGL with glut to Qt. I'm using Windows. My version of Qt is 4.7.4, 32 bit.

I followed the tutorial:


I also checked some other questions of people but they didn't gave me an answer.

The part before including glut works fine. But when I try to include glut it doesn't work. The errors are:

undefined reference to glutInit_ATEXIT_HACK

and more undefined references to glutfunctions.

I copied the glut-libraries and headers to the appropriate folders in the MinGW folder. But I wasn't sure if this was the right folder.

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Why do you want to use GLUT and Qt? If you're using Qt, then use Qt; both Qt and GLUT do the same thing as far as OpenGL is concerned: they create and manage OpenGL windows. You don't need them both. –  Nicol Bolas Feb 14 '13 at 19:06
I'm working in a group and we made a program in QT and we want to display it with glut –  abcdef Feb 14 '13 at 19:27
That doesn't make sense. You can't display a program with another program. Unless it's a virtual machine or something, and GLUT very much is not. If you have a Qt application that uses OpenGL, you don't need to make that work with GLUT. –  Nicol Bolas Feb 14 '13 at 19:30
But the tutorial in de link does it and it works –  abcdef Feb 14 '13 at 19:51

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