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I'm using PackageMaker to install an app update and want to add a preinstall script to delete some files in the /Applications/ folder. The script is simply:

rm /Applications/...


If I run this script with Terminal using

bash preinstall.sh

it works fine.

However, when I add it to PackageMaker and run the .mpkg file the script opens in Text Edit but does not run. How do I get it to run but not open?

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I think you are adding scripts in a wrong way. You can go through this link which has detailed explanation about scripting in Packagemaker and a sample script as well.

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While the link you provided contains some useful information about referencing paths from the installer, it really doesn't address the issue I'm having at all. I really don't have any indication that the script is running at all. There is nothing in the installer log that indicates that the script ran. –  danika Feb 18 '13 at 18:16

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