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I have recently begun studyin the restlet interface. I don t know how to translate this method put using the restlet interface.

curl -X PUT  http://ip:port/testdb2

How can I translate this request? So far , i have this code :

  ClientResource resource = new ClientResource("http://"+this.ip+":5984/"); 

        // Send the HTTP GET request 
        Representation r=resource.get(); 

        if (resource.getStatus().isSuccess()) { 


        if (resource.getStatus().isSuccess()){ 
        } else 
            System.out.println("Error put");

How do I specify the new url? I need this request to create a couchDB database.

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Rephrasing your question, I'll use "How do I issue a PUT request to this url ..."


Perhaps something like

ClientResource dbResource = new ClientResource(  

Representation r = dbResource.put(null);  
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I don't think we have to open a new connection each time we have to make a request. – Giuseppe Pes Feb 14 '13 at 20:52

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