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I have a button in my UIViewController, I want to have Flip transaction when I press the button, I have transaction but it's flip portrait, would you please help me! I want to have it as Landscape

here is my code :

TestViewController *ctrl = [[TestViewController alloc] init];
[UIView transitionFromView:self.view

[self.navigationController pushViewController:ctrl animated:NO];

Thanks in advance!

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What you're doing is illegal in any case. You may not transition your own view (self.view) out of the view hierarchy. Either transition a subview of self.view to a different subview of self.view, or else, if you want to use views belonging to view controllers, set up a system of parents and children and manage them properly (and, in general, call transitionFromViewController:toViewController:duration:options:animations:completion:).

If what you're trying to do is summon the view of a different view controller, then use one of the methods that does that, such as presentViewController:animated:completion:.

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my button is in my first view controller and when I press button I want to have flip to load another UIViewController do you know any tutorial for this? –  adam Feb 14 '13 at 20:21
I've written you a whole book that tells you this stuff. See for example apeth.com/iOSBook/ch19.html#_presented_view_controller (feel free to read that whole chapter, explaining what a view controller is) –  matt Feb 14 '13 at 20:51

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