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I need help with writing a code which will do next.

I have numbers on one side, and when I click on them (they act as link) they are added into input box (in same document, every number has specific box). Then I have a function which reads what is written in that box, uses that value and does some calculations and after it is displaying it on the same page - without refreshing. Everything goes well when I wrote numbers manually, but when I use function

function addTextTagF(text){
    document.getElementById('text_tag_inputF').value += text;

Nothing happens! I need to make it to react somehow, please help me.

Other used functions:

function preview_kopins(currency)
    var rate = 0.0025;
    var food = window.document.frm.food.value;

    food = food * rate;

    total = food;

        total = "0";

    document.getElementById("pkopins").innerHTML = total + " " + currency;

Other one

<input type="text" id="text_tag_inputF" name="food" size="5" value="" 
    onchange="preview_kopins('<?php echo CURRENCY_NAME ?>');" 
    onkeypress="preview_kopins('<?php echo CURRENCY_NAME ?>');" 
    onpaste="preview_kopins('<?php echo CURRENCY_NAME ?>');" 
    oninput="preview_kopins('<?php echo CURRENCY_NAME ?>');" >

<a href="#" 
    onClick="addTextTagF('<?php echo floor($fcapacity); ?>'); return false">
      <?php echo floor($fcapacity); ?></a>
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From my understanding you want to add the number to the current number of text_tag_inputF?


function addTextTagF(text){
    document.getElementById('text_tag_inputF').value = document.getElementById('text_tag_inputF').value + parseInt(text);
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This is how table looks like: grabilla.com/0320e-30f31fe0-b938-4dd4-afb4-8b8ae31b291e.html When I click on number on the right - nothing happens (it should calculate and show Total cost at the bottom) –  Balkana Feb 14 '13 at 20:09

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