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I've built a DLL for Domino Server 8.5 for Windows and installed it as a DSAPI filter, but every time I restart Domino I get "HTTP Server: Failed to load DSAPI module C:\path_to_filter\filter.dll"

Is there any way to determine why this is failing to load?

I built the DLL from a C++ project in Visual Studio 2008 and used the libraries and includes from the Lotus C API for Notes/Domino 8.5. I copied most of the code from the sample DSAPI filter, but stripped out most of the actual functionality so that I can fill it in with my own. It doesn't seem to be an error with the code, as I've been unable to find an actual exception at this point.

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Get depends.exe, and run it on your DLL. It will show you what other DLLs it loads, and the errors when it cannot find one of them.

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I did this, and I don't seem to have any errors. The only dependencies I have are MSVCR90D.DLL, NTDLL.DLL, and KERNEL32.DLL, and they're all in c:\windows\system32. –  DylanW Sep 28 '09 at 18:05
Found the problem with Dependency Walker--the function names were being changed in the actual DLL, and were not the same as the ones being expected by Domino. I defined them in an extern "C" block, and the DLL loaded correctly. –  DylanW Sep 28 '09 at 18:18

Try setting debug_dsapi=10 in your server ini and analyze it's output for what errors might be thrown

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