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I am having issues with the opencart layout override feature. I have created a new information page and I set the layout override to "test". The route for this layout is "information/test". The controller is in the right place, as is the template. I gave the new page the seo-friendly url of "test-page".

My issue is that if I type in "domain.com/test-page" it will get there, but it uses the regular information layout instead of my customized test layout. I can type in domain.com/index.php?route=information/test&information_id=119 and it will now show the page with the right layout.

Is there a way to have it go the customized layout page (domain.com/index.php?route=information/test&information_id=119) when I type in the seo-frindly URL that I created when I created the new information page.

My issue is I am trying to add a carousel to just one information page, while still using seo-friendly URLs.

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actually what you coded in template file test.tpl is not a layout, its actually a page accessed using test.php controller , and that page can be opened by accessing url domain.com/index.php?route=information/test&information_id=119 as you already mentioned.

How to create layout then ?

You have already created layout named test by going to System >> Design >> Layouts, now go to module carousel and a module to test layout at say content-top , set your test-page layout override to test and now go to domain.com/test-page and you will see carousel at the top, this is how layout works. what you previously doing was creating a new page by duplicating information controller and template.

A similar discussion on opencart forum Here

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