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I am distributing a simple library/application which includes a script with GUI. Under windows I want this to be run by pythonw.exe, preferrably by making it a .pyw file.



I want the user to be able to install guiscript in any path.

I stole this hook from this question:

from distutils.core import setup
from distutils.command.install import install
import os, sys

class my_install(install):
    def run(self):
            if (sys.platform == "win32") and sys.argv[1] != "-remove":
        except IndexError:pass

      cmdclass={"install": my_install})

But this doesn't work because it changes the name of guiscript.py in the source folder, because the path is relative to setup.py.

Is there a reasonable way to get the script install-path, or alternativly a simple way to find guiscript.py (it's not given it's in PYTHONPATH).

So because I don't have 50 karma i can't answer my own post in 7 hours but here it is:

Okay, I found the solution. I can delete the question if you want, but for now I'll keep it in case someone else has the same question.

from distutils.core import setup
from distutils.command.install_scripts import install_scripts
import os, sys

class my_install(install_scripts):
    """Change main script to .pyw after installation.

    If sys.argv == '-remove'; it's ran as uninstall-script.
    Override run() and then call parent."""
    def run(self):
            if (sys.platform == "win32") and sys.argv[1] != "-remove":
                for script in self.get_outputs():
                    if script.endswith("guiscript.py"):
                        os.rename(script, script+"w")
        except IndexError:pass

      cmdclass={"install_scripts": my_install}
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