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I have a field consisting of 13-digit numbers with simple patterns as follows:

2009000007657 2008000007665 2010000007782 2011000007810 2007000007832

I would like to replace the first 4 digits with an 1-digit number as follows:

3000007657 2000007665 4000007782 5000007810 1000007832

where 2007 = 1, 2008=2, 2009=3, 2010=4, and 2011=5. Now, the field should consist of 10-digit numbers. Could you please give me some advice to do this?

I appreciate your help!

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You're just trying to subtract 2007e9 and add 1e9, or subtract 2006e9. So

df <- data.frame(serialno=c(2009000007657,2008000007665,2010000007782,2011000007810,2007000007832))
#   serialno
#1 2.009e+12
#2 2.008e+12
#3 2.010e+12
#4 2.011e+12
#5 2.007e+12

df$serialno <- df$serialno - 2006000000000
#    serialno
#1 3000007657
#2 2000007665
#3 4000007782
#4 5000007810
#5 1000007832
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Yes, you are right... Thank you!!! – POTENZA Feb 14 '13 at 21:17

One way to approach this is to use sub() multiple times. For example, to fix entries beginning with 2009, you could do this:

df$serialno <- sub("^2009","3",df$serialno)
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This is also useful to know. Thank you!!! – POTENZA Feb 14 '13 at 21:22

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