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I am looking to run 10 php CLI processes (parallel) using one shell script. but, I am trying to find out how to send a process to background once created.

something like this I am trying. any help will be appreciated. (just the flow, not a real shell script)

for loop 1 to 10
php -q /home/xxx/xxx.php & // I want to send this to background one created. because it runs indefintely depending on the task it needs to do.
end for

sorry, I had the hard time with this.

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cmd & will run cmd as a background job. –  Marc B Feb 14 '13 at 21:12

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To answer your question directly,

for i in {1..10}
    php -q /home/xxx/xxx.php &
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Try to use Supervisord for scripts like this. It's has a simple configuration file and you just need to set script path and processes count.

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