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Ok so imagine I have the following object

var House= function(){
    var color = "#0000FF";

Then I add the following method:

House.prototype.drawHouse = function(){
    document.write("House " + this.color);
    // ^^ How do I reference the color property of the object?

How is the best way to reference the color attribute from the drawHouse method?

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You cannot.

var color is a local variable, whose visibility scope is only limited by the anonymous function body.

You need to implement it like:

var House= function(){
    this.color = "#0000FF";

And after that you'll be able to access it via this.color in a drawHouse()

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+1 thanks for the insight. Not sure why the question was downvoted. –  M_x_r Feb 14 '13 at 21:28

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