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I read this basic question on renaming objects and @Shane 's answer to it, pointing me to lazy evaluation. Now I wonder if assign is evaluated lazily, too. Just like here:


The reason why I wonder about this is the following use case: Assume I got 10K+ R objects each of which has two attributes called originalName and additionalName. Now I want to write a function that can efficiently let the user switch from one name to the other without losing these two attributes. Roughly like this...

EDIT: based on @Hadley's input I have changed my code.

switchObjectName <- function(x){
n1 <- attributes(x)$originalName
n2 <- attributes(x)$additionalName
objName <- deparse(substitute(x))
if(objName == n1){

} else {

this works well, but I had quite some trouble to get the rm statement right. I tried rm(objName,envir=.GlobalEnv) but could not get it to work though objName is definitely a character cause it is the result of deparse(substitute(x).

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If I understand your question correctly, see delayedAssign, github.com/hadley/pryr/blob/master/R/assign-delayed.r and the "Assignment: binding names to values" section on github.com/hadley/devtools/wiki/environments –  hadley Feb 14 '13 at 22:58
thanks once more. particularly that pointer to the chapter in your wiki helped a lot to understand what's really going on. delayedAssign was the right hint indeed. –  Matt Bannert Feb 15 '13 at 10:45
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