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How do I find all functions (available in the current working environment, so base plus loaded packages) with a given formal argument signature?

This came up because I was trying to find an example to use to answer this question: If function(x) can work, why would we need function()?

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Pieces needed:

  • Character vector of all functions: apropos("^",mode="function")
  • Does a function have no arguments? length(formals(x))==0
  • Grab the objects named by a character vector lapply( x, get )

Thanks to @RichieCotton for apropos, and @hadley for is.primitive.

allFxnNames <- apropos("^",mode="function")
emptyFormals <- function(x) length(formals(x))==0 && !is.primitive(x)
allFxns <- lapply( allFxnNames, get )
whichEmpty <- sapply(allFxns, emptyFormals)

This finds all non-primitive functions with no formal arguments:

"alarm", "closeAllConnections", "colors", "colours", "contributors", "Cstack_info", "date", "defaultPrototype", "default.stringsAsFactors", "dev.cur", "dev.list", "dev_packages", "element_blank", "empty.dump", ".First", ".First.sys", "flush.console", "frame", "getAllConnections", "getCConverterDescriptions", "getCConverterStatus", "geterrmessage", "get_ll_TOL", "get_ll_warn", "getLoadedDLLs", "getNumCConverters", "get_path", "get_Polypath", "get_PolypathRule", "get_ReplCRS_warn", "getRversion", "getTaskCallbackNames", "getwd", "graphics.off", "has_devel", "iconvlist", "is_false", "is.R", "is_true", "Java", "l10n_info", "last_plot", "licence", "license", "loadedNamespaces", "loaded_packages", "loadingNamespaceInfo", "memory.profile", "newEmptyObject", ".NotYetImplemented", ".OptRequireMethods", "plot.new", "progress_none", "rc.status", "Rdoc", "recordPlot", "recover", ".rs.activateGraphicsDevice", ".rs.createUUID", ".rs.defaultLibPathIsWriteable", ".rs.defaultUserLibraryPath", ".rs.disableQuartz", ".rs.helprIsActive", ".rs.iconvcommon", ".rs.initGraphicsDevice", ".rs.knitrChunkOptions", ".rs.listJsonRpcHandlers", ".rs.packages.initialize", ".rs.rpc.check_for_package_updates", ".rs.rpc.get_cran_mirrors", ".rs.rpc.get_package_install_context", ".rs.rpc.iconvlist", ".rs.rpc.init_default_user_library", ".rs.rpc.list_objects", ".rs.rpc.list_packages", ".rs.rpc.remove_all_objects", ".rs.setHelprLoadHook", ".rs.sweaveChunkOptions", "RStudioGD", "RStudio.version", ".rs.uniqueLibraryPaths", ".rs.updatePackageEvents", ".rs.writeableLibraryPaths", "Rtangle", "R.Version", "RweaveLatex", "search", "searchpaths", "sessionData", ".standard_regexps", "stderr", "stdin", "stdout", "sys.calls", "Sys.Date", "sys.frames", "Sys.getpid", "Sys.info", "Sys.localeconv", "sys.nframe", "sys.on.exit", "sys.parents", "sys.status", "System", "Sys.time", "Sys.timezone", "tempdir", "test", "theme_get", "waiver"

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See ?is.primitive and search for "primitive" on github.com/hadley/devtools/wiki/functions –  hadley Feb 14 '13 at 22:52
Also, you could replace the last two lines with Filter(emptyFormals, allFxns) –  hadley Feb 14 '13 at 22:54
Finally, you might also want to look at github.com/hadley/pryr/blob/master/R/find-funs.r - it's not solving the same problem, but it's similar. –  hadley Feb 14 '13 at 22:54
@hadley Most helpful, as usual. Filter doesn't do exactly what I want here, though, as it returns the objects not their names. –  Ari B. Friedman Feb 15 '13 at 15:41
Oh, sorry, I misread your code. I have ` where <- function(x, f) vapply(x, f, logical(1))` so you could do allFxnNames[where(allFxns, emptyFormals)] –  hadley Feb 15 '13 at 20:02

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