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For a C#, ASP.NET application - This should be simple, but I can't figure out this regular expression, I need a list of strings that a text box can not submit as a value, and I have to ignore the case.

Example - No matter the capitalization, I need my regular expression to reject the following strings - abc, def, ghi

I can't even get the regex to reject one of them. I tried the following manner -

[RegularExpression(@"(\W|^)(?i)!ABC(?-i)(\W|$)", ErrorMessage = "REJECTED!")]
public string Letters { get; set; }

That does not work! It seems to reject everything. Anyone know what it should look like? How can I reject all of them?

Thanks for any help can provide!

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Quick and dirty, but give this a try (assuming I understand the problem correctly!)

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In standard regex syntax this would be ^(?!abc$)(?!def$).*

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This will detect abc, def, and ghi


enclose in ^ and $ to only match those and nothing else (e.g. won't match wxabcyz)


finally, if you want to match something like "This is some abc random text" and reject it, do this

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If you want to ignore just strings, use this


If you want to ignore words, use word boundaries around the pattern

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Thats about it.

Btw I'd recommend you play around with something like the following resources you aren't already.

regex pal and regular-expressions.info

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