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  1. I have a javascript function updateHiddenField(value) that gets a value as parameter and then sets this value as the value of a hidden field.

  2. I have a JavaBean flight with parameters id and flightNo.

Problem: How can I pass the parameter id of JavaBean flight to the js function updateHiddenField(value) when using <html:link> tag(struts)?

<html:link href="javascript:updateHiddenField(idToPassHere)"><bean:write name="flight" property="flightNo"/></html:link>

Thanks Umar

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2 Answers

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<html:link href="javascript:updateHiddenField(<s:property value="id"/>)"><bean:write name="flight" property="flightNo"/></html:link>

Assuming your taglib import is <% @taglib prefix="s" uri="/struts-tags" %>

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You don't seem to be gaining anything by using <html:link> over <a> - so that would be the easiest change:

<a href="javascript:updateHiddenField(<bean:write name="flight" property="id"/>)"> <bean:write name="flight" property="flightNo"/> </a>

More generally I would suggest you add event listeners to your DOM objects, rather than mixing markup & functionality.

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