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I have a bunch of Records that "belongsTo" other records. (Different models, just typical 1-n relationship.) How can I call find on my model to find all those that have NO belongs-to association?

Something like:

App.Thing = DS.Model.extend({
 other: DS.belongsTo( 'App.Other' ),
 someattr: DS.attr('string')

App.Thing.find({ other: null });


louiscoquio's solution didn't work for me. So I thought I could filter in the controller.

Here's how I try to do it:

App.ThingsAsideController = Ember.ArrayController.extend({
  unassigned: function() {
   return this.filterProperty('other');

This works just fine if I filter for someattr but I cannot filter for the relationship.

I guess the question is: What is the property name for the belongsTo association?


This works, but I'm very unhappy with it:

 App.ThingsAsideController = Ember.ArrayController.extend({
   unassigned: function() {
     return this.filter(function(item, index, enumerable){

       var belongsToOther = false;

       var otherThings = App.OtherThing.find();
       otherThings.forEach( function( otherThing ){
         otherThing.get('things').forEach( function( otherThingThing ) {
            if( otherThingThing.id === item.id ) {
              belongsToOther = true;

       return !belongsToOther;

I've been reading ember-data source but I can't find out how to query the belongs-to association of a record.

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You can use the filter method available to DS.Model classes:

var filteredThings = App.Thing.filter(function(thing) {
  return thing.get('other') === null;

It returns an array that contains all App.Thing which returned true in the callback you pass.

As the documentation says:

It returns a live RecordArray that remains up to date as new records are loaded into the store or created locally.

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Shouldn't it be something like return thing.other === null; in this case? –  scrrr Feb 14 '13 at 22:15
Oh yes sorry, I've updated my answer! –  louiscoquio Feb 15 '13 at 8:51

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