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I'm trying to set up a conceal (vim 7.3 only, if has('conceal') == 1) for words previously defined as keywords, but keywords seem to be immune to conceal. A minimal example in a clean buffer:

:set cole=2
:set ft=none
:syntax keyword Function foo baz qux
:syntax match Function "foo" conceal cchar=%
:syntax match Function "bar" conceal cchar=&

Now if you type foo bar and move to the next line, you should see foo &. How can I get it to show % &?

If the answer is you can't conceal a keyword, are there alternate ways of defining multiple keywords reliably? In my use case, I have about 5k keywords, but only about 10-20 that I wish to conceal.

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conceal argument can be used for keyword as well

replace this line:

:syntax match Function "foo" conceal cchar=%


:syntax keyword Function foo conceal cchar=%  

you could get what you want.

hope it helps

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Welp! Brain fart! Thanks for the answer :) –  r.m. Feb 14 '13 at 22:50

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