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The latest release of MRUnit is 0.9. This release does not support DistributedCache. This shows that 1.0.0 supports DistributedCache. I want to get ahold of an MRUnit 1.0.0 jar that is built for hadoop1, but I cannot find one. So I tried to build it myself, but the required jars are missing from the maven repo.

Here is the command I'm using: mvn package -DenvClassifier=hadoop1 -DspecificHadoopVersion=1.0.3

It fails with dependency errors. I can get ahold of the required jars manually, but I don't know how to get the build to use them.

How can I get ahold of the jar I want (either build it myself, or download it)?

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I figured this out after I posted the question.

The answer is simple. Checkout the hadoop1 branch, and build that:

$ git checkout -b local/trunk-hadoop1 remotes/origin/trunk-hadoop1
$ mvn package
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