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How are websites like able to scrape UPC so easily?

Is there an open API available anywhere that i'm missing? I'm a php developer, I haven't had much luck pulling from amazon API.


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Not sure why this question has gone six months and gotten 120+ views with no one answering, but hopefully this will help:

According to:

The UPC is listed as one of the potential item attributes that may be returned from a query. As is UPCList (which would contain multiple UPCListElement objects) for items that have more than one related UPC.

It says:

The ItemAttributes response group returns a potentially large number of attributes that describe an item. For example, an item in the Camera and Photo search index might return the attributes, height, width, weight, title, UPC, price, manufacture, zoom ratio, number of megapixels, and carrying case.

All search indices can return all item attributes. The number of item attributes returned, however, varies by ASIN. Typically, ASINs within the same search index return the same item attributes. For example, you would expect the item attributes returned for an item in the "Books" search index to be different from those returned for an item in the "Camera and Photo" search index. But all items within a single search index do not necessarily return the same attributes. For that reason, it is impossible to predict exactly which item attributes will be returned in a response.

Which for your question means they won't have a UPC for every item in their database, so it wouldn't return it for everything - only for the items that have an applicable UPC. And that you need to make sure you are using an applicable response group - you can check through the response groups in their docs to make sure the group you are using includes UPC.

I am just beginning a project that will involve this process of grabbing UPCs, but haven't gotten to the implementation of that yet, so the only help I can give right now comes from what I'm seeing in the docs.

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any good news about your "grabbing UPCs" project? – Abdelali AHBIB Jun 17 '14 at 14:32
Yeah, I was able to turn it into a profitable app (private job, not a public app) to track product pricing trends across the web. For the most part, it wasn't much more complicated than grabbing any other available piece of info from Amazon's API. If it's in their database entry for that item and you select the appropriate response group, they'll send you the data. – JR Warren Jun 18 '14 at 0:38
ok, thank's and good luck :) – Abdelali AHBIB Jun 18 '14 at 10:25

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