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I am getting a malloc error with bus error on using the fprintf statements in C++ (code below). Any pointers on what could be going wrong? Note absAmb and dModel both have valid values. Thanks.

FILE *fPtr;
char fName[100];

sprintf(fName, "Info.dat", block);
if ( (fPtr = fopen(fName,"w")) == NULL )
    return( FALSE );

int absAmb = rint(fda[0]/prf[0]);

fprintf(fPtr, "  %d", absAmb); //ERROR LINE
fprintf(fPtr, "  %d", dModel);
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what is block in sprintf? –  Nick Dandoulakis Sep 28 '09 at 18:33
What is f in your fprintf(f)? Do you meant fPtr? –  Uri Sep 28 '09 at 18:38

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fprintf(f, "  %d", absAmb); //ERROR LINE

You use wrong variable in fprintf

fprintf(fPtr, "  %d", absAmb); // <--- fPtr
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What is 'f'? You stored the results of fopen into fPtr but then do a fprintf to f.

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You've declared your file pointer variable "fPtr", but you are trying to write to "f". Change your fprintf() call to use fPtr as the first parameter.

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