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I need help executing a batch file from a client (accessing via HTTP intranet executing using ASP Classic).

OS used:

  • Client (Windows XP) - Here is where the user will access the HTML page.
  • Server (Windows server 2003) - Here is where the folder is being created including the batch file. This is also where the ASP pages and HTML pages is stored and run through IIS


The user will access an HTML page that is linked to an asp page....

HTML code:

<form method="GET" action="default.asp">
Name<input type="text" name="firstname"/>
Uname<input type="text" name="username"/>
Fulname<input type="text" name="fullname"/>
Pass<input type="text" name="password"/>
Qwarning<input type="text" name="qwarning"/>
Qlimit<input type="text" name="qlimit"/>
<input id="submit" type="submit" value= "submit" />

After filling the forms the following asp codes will execute.
-The following code will create a folder and create a batch file that will create a user account and set its account permission


'Folder Creation
dim fs
Dim name,uname,fulname,pass,qlimit,qwarning

name = Request.QueryString("firstname")
uname = Request.QueryString("username")
fulname = Request.QueryString("fullname")
pass = Request.QueryString("password")
qlimit = Request.QueryString("qlimit")
qwarning = Request.QueryString("qwarning")

'Batch File Creation
set fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
if NOT fs.FolderExists("c:\dept\" & name ) Then 
fs.Createfolder("c:\dept\" & name)
response.write name &" successfully created"
response.write name &" is already exist!"

end if
set fs=nothing

dim fsc,cfile
set fsc=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
set cfile=fsc.CreateTextFile("c:\dept\" & name & ".bat")

'User Creation
cfile.writeline("echo off")
cfile.writeline("Net User " & uname & " " & pass & " /add /comment:""Created by Mystic System"" /expires:never /fullname:""" & fulname & """ /passwordchg:no")
cfile.writeline("WMIC USERACCOUNT WHERE ""Name='" & uname & "'"" SET PasswordExpires=False")

cfile.writeline("fsutil quota modify c: 104857600 209715200 WINDOWS-GDKLDNY\" & uname)

'Creation OF Permision to folder
cfile.WriteLine("cacls c:\dept\" & name & " /e /P Administrator:F")
cfile.WriteLine("cacls c:\dept\" & name & " /e /P " & uname & ":R")
cfile.WriteLine("cacls c:\dept\" & name & " /e /G " & uname & ":W")
cfile.WriteLine("del /a " & "c:\dept\" & name & ".bat")


set cfile=nothing
set fsc=nothing
set perm=nothing

set wshell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") 
wshell.run "c:\dept\" & name & ".bat" 
set wshell = nothing



"No errors has been displayed."

-I have already grant the IUSR,IWAM,IIS_WPG including the NETWORK SERVICE full permission to the root folder due to desperation.. :(

The batch file is not executing or maybe not being read (its like the batch file is not opening to execute its content). If i run it manually or hit enter on the batch file it runs perfectly. What seems to be the problem? is it on my ASP?

-I've already monitored the process or the file being accessed by the client using "Filemon" application and the results are all success from the w3wp.exe and cmd.exe. -I've tried creating a vbscript to execute that batch and the vbscript is being called by the asp.
Still no luck. :(

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You need "low level" permissions here, not just on a single folder. Try setting IIS to run a admin account, or other option choose "Integrated Windows Authentication" if connected via network. –  Shadow Wizard Feb 17 '13 at 8:22

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From my experience WScript.Shell only really worked with IIS 5, might I suggest another way to execute the batch file:

If you have access to SQL:

How can I run sqlcmd.exe from an ASP page?

If you can register a COM:


Source: Trying to launch photoshop with scripting

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Another option -- especially if you need to run these scripts under a different security context than IIS for folder/share access, running Admin-privileged commands, etc. -- is to set up a Windows Scheduled Task to run the script (without any associated schedule if it doesn't need one), and then call that task from the ASP page.

Run a scheduled task from an ASP/IIS page

It does require granting filesystem access to the IUSR account on the scheduled task file.

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