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I am trying to query for properties in Neo4j using the Cypher Query API. The query I am attempting is as follows:

String query = "start n=node(*) where (n.property-id = 'someid') return ID(n)"

I get an error when executing as follows: Exception in thread "main" Unknown identifier id.

So, this means that Neo4j is treating the dash in property-id as a keyword. How does one go about formulating queries with dashes in a node/relationship property?

Thank you.

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Escape the property with backticks:

String query = "start n=node(*) where (n.`property-id` = 'someid') return ID(n)"
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Works for me. Thanks! –  net_j Feb 15 '13 at 5:29
To expand this answer, see the Cypher language syntax reference –  Dilum Ranatunga Apr 10 at 19:55

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