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I've been at this thing for hours. Does anyone have any ideas on how to speed this query up?

mdl_course.fullname as course_name,
mdl_course.idnumber as course_length,
mdl_user.firstname as firstname,
mdl_user.lastname as lastname,

case when mdl_course_completions.timecompleted IS NOT NULL
then FROM_UNIXTIME(mdl_course_completions.timecompleted,'%m/%d/%Y') else 'N/A' end AS date_completed, AS group_name, as category_name,

case when mdl_course_completions.timecompleted IS NOT NULL then 'Completed' else
'Incomplete' end AS completion_status
FROM mdl_enrol
JOIN mdl_user_enrolments    ON mdl_user_enrolments.enrolid  =
JOIN mdl_course             ON                = mdl_enrol.courseid        
JOIN mdl_user               ON                  = mdl_user_enrolments.userid AND mdl_user.deleted = 0
JOIN mdl_cohort_members     ON mdl_cohort_members.userid    =
JOIN mdl_cohort             ON                = mdl_cohort_members.cohortid
JOIN mdl_course_categories  ON     = mdl_course.category

JOIN mdl_course_completions ON mdl_course_completions.course =
AND mdl_course_completions.userid =
AND mdl_course_completions.deleted IS NULL

ORDER BY mdl_course.fullname ASC

mdl_course_completions has over 100,000 rows in it and is slowing everything down.

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problem is your table lacks indexes. – John Woo Feb 15 '13 at 0:52
I've looked at that and can't seem to find the trouble spot. Any idea where? – orourkedd Feb 15 '13 at 0:58

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