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I have used JSTL tag to fix the XSS vulnerability issue Fortify reported on my JSP's. But After using though the XSS vulnerability issue was resolved, it resulted in a new issue as 'XSS: Poor Validation'. What are the other possible solutions I could implement to resove this poor validation issue?

Fortify suggests HTML/ XML/ URL encoding is not a good practise as the code will be decoded during runtime, which could still result in the XSS attack.

I am using struts framework injected with spring. I have fields where user can provide input as well as fields that are read from the database. I ve searched for possible solutions but havent had any luck in finding one yet.

Thanks, Deena

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Use the proper encoding based on where you're outputting data. Specifics can be found OWASP XSS Prevention Cheat Sheet - along with information about OWASP's AntiSamy and Java HTML Sanitizer.

Additionally, white listing can be employed where appropriate.

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