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I'm currently working on a game project in Obj-c/iOS. I'm a AS3/Flash dev though so I was wondering if it's possible for me to do the game in Adobe AIR. The issue is saving the games/player details to the server, getting them back etc. Parse.com is great at this, but I was wondering if there's an equivalent to use with Adobe AIR? I know there's a AS3 REST API for using parse, but that doesn't seem as straight forward to use as the parse iOS SDK.

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We use playerio for saving our game data.

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someone created a new AS3 parse API, https://github.com/camdagr8/AS3-Parse-Class/blob/master/com/illumifi/Parse.as (i have forgot where did i get this link, so i link you to the github), to use it, you must change line 17 and 18, and add this line of code to the import part to make the code works

import flash.net.URLVariables;

the author forgot to import it

for the SignUp, if you want to use


change line 108 - 110 to

public static function SignUp(username:String, password:String, success:Function = null, error:Function = null):void {
    var params:Object = {username: username, password: password};
    Parse.User.Post(params, success, error);
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You may be interesting in that http://parse-ane.launchrock.co/ Adobe air native extension for parse

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