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I have a collection that looks like below using Coffeescript.

class ListCollection extends Backbone.Collection
    model: List
        new Backbone.LocalStorage("TodoList")

I want to be able to change the "model" or "localStorage" property of an instance of ListCollection dynamically. Is this possible?

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You can modify the prototype probably and get around it, or just in the constructor dynamically check – amchang87 Feb 15 '13 at 3:21

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This would be fairly simple:

class newClass extends ListCollection
    model: somethingElse

The only thing I'm not sure is the coffeescript class. But using var NewModel = SomeModel.extend() by passing an option object will overwrite the functions/attributes defined on the parent (basically it change/extends the prototype of NewModel).

Checkout the docs here: (This work with every Backbone object: model, views, collection, etc)

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If you're looking to create a collection with different kind of models (instead of different collections with specific model). Maybe this will suit you more:

class ListCollection extends Backbone.Collection
    model: (attrs, options) ->
       switch attrs.type
          when "car"
              new Car(attrs, options)
              new Bus(attrs, options)
        new Backbone.LocalStorage("TodoList")

If you add an object to the collection, it will look for it's type property. It will then go through a switch to determine it's type. This way a single collection could have different kind of models (and different parsers, validations, urls, etc)

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