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So I've tried everything I can think of and this is my last resort.

I am new to MS-MQ and I have written a small app to connect to a Remote Queue Manager. However it is not working. I receive an error: MQRC_NOT_AUTHORIZED.

I have looked on the net so far and have seen that apparently the userID I am using needs to be given privileges in order for me to connect to the queue. However after speaking to the sys-admin's they have told me that any userID will do.

When I connect to the queue manager without a userID, the message goes through but does not get processed because it needs a userID. When I supply a userID (any id) I get the error mentioned above.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, my code for connecting to the Queue Manager is as below:

            Hashtable myTable = new Hashtable();

            myTable.Add(MQC.USER_ID_PROPERTY, " ");
            myTable.Add(MQC.HOST_NAME_PROPERTY, "");
            myTable.Add(MQC.PORT_PROPERTY, "1412");

            mqQueueManager = new MQQueueManager("THOEX",myTable);
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If you get the MQ admin to check the queue manager error log AMQERR01.LOG it will tell you the name of the user and what privileges they are lacking. You can then use this information to set the privileges accordingly using the setauth command on the queue manager.

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