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I have a makefile in the root of my folder but for some reason when I try to build the project it never uses my makefile but instead tries to compile everything.

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While creating your project, did you choose New C/C++ project or Makefile project with existing code ?? –  nav Feb 15 '13 at 6:40

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I was facing the same problem - i ended up using the "Make-Targets" feature provided by CDT Maybe this can be considered a workaround rather than a real solution Anyway, i started using this approach in eclipse 3.2 and stuck with it ever since

  1. Disable automatic build - anyway a good idea when working on larger projects
  2. Enabling Make Targets: Window/Show View/Make Targets
  3. Creating Make Targets: straight forward, just click New Make Target in the Makefile View, just be sure to disable the Run all Project Builders option
  4. Start build Process by double-clicking the target

This allows the use of the compiler output-parsing feature and the associated highlighting of errors and warnings in the source code. Anyhow i wasn't able to set up gdb based debugging this way

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