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So I have already separate training set and test set such that each row is a row has of unique data split in each column (microarray values) of data and the last column is the class (0 or 1).

I have used the iris example to get my dataset identical to how it gets loaded in, but every example I see uses splitForTrainingAndTest function to split a data set to training and test. But What if in my case, they are already separate?

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If you read carefully the examples provided in RSNNS:Examples then you will realise that the final command should look like

model <-  mlp(your_inputs_training, your_targets_training, size = 5, 
  +      learnFuncParams = c(0.1), maxit = 60, inputsTest = your_inputs_crossval, 
  +      targetsTest = your_inputs_crossval) 
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