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I'm trying to find out how PlayPlugin objects are used within Play Framework (1.2.5).

Are same PlayPlugin instances shared between different Play threads?

With some source lookup I suppose yes but since Play has some meta-programming in many places and I'm not so familiar with all this, I'm not 100% sure.

Call stack for PlayPlugin.beforeInvocation:

  • PlayPlugin.beforeInvocation
  • PluginCollection.beforeInvocation
    • list of enabled plugins is a field within PluginCollection)
  • Invocation.before
    • uses static field Play.PluginCollection
    • Thread.currentThread().setContextClassLoader(Play.classloader) is one thing that could possibly affect Play.PluginCollection, for example.

Single instance for all threads -behaviour would also be confirmed by the article Play Framework: Introduction to Writing Modules:

beforeActionInvocation(): This code is executed before controller invocation. Useful for validation, where it is used by Play as well. You could also possibly put additional objects into the render arguments here. Several plugins also set up some variables inside thread locals to make sure they are thread safe.

So, I suppose the answer is that yes, the instances are shared, but would like to confirm that.

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You are right. Each instance of PlayPlugin(subclass of course) is shared throughout the entire JVM. You get that instance via Play.plugin(class<T> clazz) method call.

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