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I'm using chef's built in template resource and it looks like template's updated_by_last_action? is not implemented. Now this seems pretty impossible, given that template is a fairly basic resource. So what am I missing?

Evidence of why I think template updated_by_last_action? is broken


t = template "some file" do
  source "someerbfile.erb"
  action :create
Chef::Log.info("-------updated_by_last_action? : #{t.updated_by_last_action?}"

on running always gives false - whether the file has been updated or not.

(2) Looking at the implementation of template and it's super class file here https://github.com/opscode/chef/blob/master/lib/chef/provider/file.rb and https://github.com/opscode/chef/blob/master/lib/chef/provider/template.rb , I don't see any code which is setting the value of updated_by_last_action or updated to true.

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Here is your code that updates the status: github.com/opscode/chef/blob/master/lib/chef/provider.rb (set_updated_status). Now what about reading the manual and answering this question yourself? wiki.opscode.com/display/chef/Anatomy+of+a+Chef+Run –  Draco Ater Feb 15 '13 at 7:33

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Chef run consists of two distinct phases (not counting preparation - detailed view is on the Opscode's wiki Anatomy of a Chef Run page): resource compilation and convergence.

During resource compilation, the recipe files are evaluated, but the resulting resources are only collected. The template "some_file" … call only creates a Chef::Resource::Template object that is added to the collection.

After all the recipe files are evaluated, in the convergence phase, chef-client goes over the resource collection and calls the providers for each.

You are checking the updated_by_last_action? attribute still in the recipe, which means you are calling it during resource compilation phase. No provider has been called yet, so the resource haven't been updated.

Depending on the result you want to achieve, most likely you want to use notifications. If the problem at hand is more complex, you may need to write your own lightweight resource & provider.

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